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Parmigiano Reggiano DOP "BIO" - 1,2 kg Stück
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In the long shadow of the mighty Consortium Parmigiano Reggiano there are only a few completely independent producing farmers with their own little dairy on the farm. A small family in the Province of Parma is one of those beautiful, laudable exceptions. On the BIO-yard are about 100 cows of the breed Frisona Italiana in the feed; only about two-thirds of those are in the course of the year usable for the Parmesan production. For feeding the animals only products of the farms own, certified organic agriculture is to be used! The cheese products can be counted on one hand - two parmesan cheeses of absolute top quality are the poor but wonderful result of the daily hard work for the whole family! This award-winning treasure is one of the highlights of our exclusive Sélection Lacour.

  • Product group: Cows milk
  • Produkt: Hard cheese
  • product type: natural
  • Fat level: Full-fat
  • Milk type: Raw milk
  • Fat content: >45% Fat in dry matter
  • Taste range: spicy
  • Origin: Italy

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