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Torroni Baci 340 g "Confezione Regalo"

Aktuelles MHD: 10/2018

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... A crunchy almonds and hazelnuts covered with fine-quality dark chocolate. Each day starts with the selection of raw materials. Hands and eyes one by one experts pick the almonds and hazelnuts, which are then chopped. In a copper pot is melted caramelized sugar that is waiting to receive the chopped almonds and hazelnuts. Even here there are no machines, thermometers and timers: every day is the art of pastry that decides the time when we must combine the ingredients. The crunchy, still warm, is located on a table and stretched by hand with a rolling pin. The pieces are cut and crispy reselected so that only the perfect ones to come to the last phase: the covering of very fine quality dark chocolate...


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